Saturday, September 17, 2016

Appletree Point Association Meeting Minutes 2016

The Association held its 61st Annual Meeting on Thursday, August 11th at 7:00 pm. hosted by Kit Ardell at 195 Appletree Point Road. We had a fun evening with neighbors, cocktails, appetizers and dessert!

Members in attendance: Rich & Andy Kenney, Bradd Rubman, Amanda & Chris Reid, Jackie & Ned MacCarty, Ty and Helene Danco, Penny Coe, Jamie Coffrin, Christine Campbell, Ian Bleakney, Shanta Eastman, Jeff Haig, Ashok Eastman, and Carol and Paul Ode.

1. Secretary’s report from 2015 (minutes available online at:
2. Treasurer’s report 
                        Chris Campbell reported we have $12,506.85 in our account.
3. Road report 
                        Chris Reid and Chris Campbell shared the road maintenance and speed concerns.
4. Beach committee report 
                        a. Proposed beach raking
                                    Jamie Coffrin made a motion and Helene Langevin seconded for "Jeff Haig to take a chunk of the collective money to use for the beach. That same amount would go to the road".  This motion did NOT pass. This motion from Carol Ode and seconded by Jamie Coffrin DID pass. "In early summer of 2017, if the Board and committee members decide to rake the beach, the members will be notified, and landowners will be assessed for the cost".
                        b. Beach Etiquette
       As far as raking beach debris back into the lake, it was decided to "do unto others as you would like others to do to you". Regarding dogs on the beach, a motion was passed for "the President to write a letter to Front Page Forum asking that dog owners please keep their pets under control and pick up after them".
5. Dues Recommendations 
                        Chris Campbell moved and Jamie Coffrin seconded that we waive dues for this year. The motion passed.
6. Elections 
                        a. Proposal to elect Amanda Reid as VP
A motion was made by Jamie Coffrin and seconded by Paul Ode to elect Amanda Reid as Vice President. The motion was passed.

7. Other business 
Shanta Eastman moved to give Lars Larson $1500 towards legal expenses concerning the new development on Appletree Point.  The motion was passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm. 

Andy Kenney, Recording Secretary

Current Board:
Jeff Haig: President
Amanda Reid: Vice President
Christine Campbell: Treasurer
Andy Kenney: Secretary
Kit Ardell: Board
Shanta Eastman:Board
Rich Kenney: Board
Doug Campbell: Board

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Minutes: 2015

60th Appletree Point Association Meeting
Saturday, 10:00 a.m.
June 27, 2015

In attendance: 
Jeff Haig, President: Christine Campbell, Treasurer : Doug Campbell, Board Member : Rich Kenney, Board Member: Shanta Eastman, Board Member: Kit Ardell,  Amanda Reid, Brooke Gillman, Ian Bleakney, Ned and Jackie MacCartey, Penelope Coe, Paul Ardell, Lars Larson, Rolly Delfausse

Secretary’s Report:  Accepted (Doug Campbell so moved, and Ned MacCartey seconded:  approved by voice vote)

Treasurer’s Report:  Presented by Christine Campbell, Treasurer of the Appletree Point Association
There is $13112.23 in the APA checking account.  Treasurer’s report was approved by voice vote.

Road report:  Presented by Christine Campbell.  The “Point” property owners paid for road repairs of $1250.00 of which they assessed the “point” road property owners for payment of the repairs.  Christine explained the costs of the repairs – regarding speed dips, safety of 10 children on the road, and storm and ditch run off.  The treasurer’s report was approved by voice vote. 

Beach Committee:  Rich Kenney – no report required

Dues:  Recommended that we do not assess dues for 2015-2016  (Motion to approve:  Rich Kenney, seconded by Doug Campbell and Ned MacCartey:  approved by voice vote)

               Jeff Haig, President
               Chris Campbell, Treasurer
Andrea Kenney, Secretary
Members of the board:  Doug Campbell, Kit Ardell, Rich Kenney, Shanta Eastman, Rich Kenney

There is an opening on the board due to the passing of Rolfe Eastman.  Amanda Reid was  nominated.  (So moved by Christine Campbell and seconded by Ian Bleakney:  approved by voice vote.)

Other Business:
               The development of 451-465 Appletree Point Road was discussed.   Lars Larson brought the attendees of the meeting up to date with the history and development of the property.  Ian presented a rendering of the size of the proposed “duplex” buildings in scale with the other homes on the point.   It was pointed out the developer did get zoning variance from the Conservation Board, and the Burlington Design Review Board.  

Three issues remain in contention:

1)       The strange numbers used regarding the lot, buildings etc in comparison to the other point property owners.   The scope and scale to what is currently on the point is disturbing.
2)      The allowance of the variances
3)      The closeness to the water and the space of the land

There is a hearing on July 7th at 5:00 p.m.  However, no public comment will be allowed at this meeting.

It was also mentioned that to the best of everyone’s knowledge, no one from the BDRB had viewed the property prior to allowing the variance.  It was stated that one of the members of the BDRB had been out on her bike and looked at the property recently.

After much discussion about the development, it was decided that we would ask Jamie Coffrin to draft a letter on behalf of the APA regarding our concerns about the three issues that remain contentious.   Lars Larson will approach Jamie Coffrin to draft the letter.  (Motion to approve:  Doug Campbell, Seconded by Ian Bleakney.

Also discussed as the next approach for the APA would be to go through the Act 250 State Environmental Board through legal channels to oppose the current proposed building.  

The board can call a special meeting of the Appletree Point Association if needed to further investigate the possibility of re-defining the land use proposal at 451-465 Appletree Point Road.

Ned MacCartey brought to the attention of the meeting attendees the lack of attendance by members of the Appletree Point Association.  This is a concern and the board will work to get more of the members engaged to participate in the meetings.

Jeff honored Rolfe Eastman and his dedication and stewardship of Appletree Point.  He was a very much valued member of our community and will be missed by everyone.  There was a discussion that the Appletree Point Association would like to give a donation to his charity of choice: “Puppets In Education”.  Lars Larsen requested that a $500.00 donation would be the appropriate amount to donate.  This was seconded by Doug Campbell, and Seconded by Ned MacCartey and approved by voice vote.  Christine will write a check and send it to the charity.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

Submitted by
Kit Ardell,  Acting Secretary.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Scale of Proposed Duplexes

Here are the images Morgan Sparks put together to show the scale of the proposed buildings:

Friday, June 12, 2015

Notice of 2015 Meeting

Notice of 2015 Annual Meeting

The Association will hold its 60th Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 27th at 10:00 a.m. kindly hosted by Kit Ardell at 195 Appletree Point Rd.

TIME: Come at 9:30 AM to meet neighbors and have some brunch. The business meeting will start promptly at 10:00.

1. Secretary’s report 
2. Treasurer’s report
3. Road report
4. Beach committee report
5. Dues Recommendations
6. Elections
Current Board:
Jeff Haig: President
Christine Campbell: Treasurer
Andy Kenney: Secretary
Rich Kenney: Board
Kit Ardell: Board
Shanta Eastman: Board
Doug Campbell: Board

7. Other business
               a. Proposed development along Point.
               b. Any other business


Jeff Haig

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Association Meeting 2014

The Association held its 59th Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 12th at 9:00 a.m. at Rich and Andy Kenney’s house at 175 Appletree Point Rd.
In attendance: Jeff Haig, Rich and Andy Kenney, Doug and Christine Campbell, Jamie and Jill Coffrin, Anne Conlin, Rolfe and Viraj Eastman, Brianne Eastman, Shanta Eastman, Helene Langevin and Ty Danco, and Kit Ardell.

We started gathering at 8:45 AM to meet neighbors and socialize. The business meeting started at 9:04.
It was suggested that neighbors bring something breakfast-y to share for the potluck to follow the meeting. (We met a little earlier this year than usual in order to provide people with some extra time on their Saturday.) 

1.   Secretary’s report- Jamie Coffrin moved to accept the minutes of the 2013 Annual Meeting and Doug Campbell seconded the motion. It was noted that Rolff Eastman’s name had been inadvertently left off the list of Board Members. The minutes were approved as corrected.
2.   Treasurer’s report
     Chris Campbell stated that our present balance is $11,844. The road section repairs
     cost $1,249.88 which will be paid by the home owners on the private road. When that amount is collected, the balance will be $13, 092.76.
  3.Road report-
Chris Campbell stated that Chris Reed arranged for the road repairs and bought the materials. Several members tried to help with the repairs but the job became overwhelming and a local contractor was hired to complete the job.
There was discussion on whether to authorize the Treasurer to spend needed money on road repairs if needed before the next general meeting. To collect the money spent on the road repairs, Doug Campbell moved that an additional reminder should be sent to anyone who has not paid their portion. Jamie Coffrin seconded the motion and the motion was passed.
Chris Campbell will speak to the Burlington road crew currently repaving Appletree Point Road about using their materials on the private road section.
4. Beach committee report-none
5.  Dues Recommendations-Ty Danco made a motion not to collect dues this year.
    Jamie Coffrin seconded and the motion was passed.
6.  Elections
    A motion was made by Briana Chase to add Shanta Eastman to the Board. Doug  Campbell seconded the motion. The motion was approved. A motion was made by Rolf Eastman and Chris Campbell seconded it to keep the current board with theaddition of Shanta Eastman. It was approved.
Current Board:
Jeff Haig: President
Christine Campbell: Treasurer
Andy Kenney: Secretary
Rich Kenney: Board
Rolfe Eastman: Board
Doug Campbell: Board
Shanta Eastman-Board

7.  Other business
    Rich Kenney will email Chapin Spenser (Director for Public Works) addressing the issue of the speed bumps on Appletree Point Road coming from the west before the bike path.
    Discussion followed concerning the ramifications of lakefront property changes. Permits are required for changes within 250 feet of the lake, (within 50 feet no changes may be made).
The meeting was adjourned at 9:50.

Respectfully submitted,
Andy Kenney-Secretary