Sunday, June 24, 2012

Proposed Development for "Staniford Farms"


You can find the details of the new proposed development on Appletree Point Lane here. (pdf)

2012 Meeting Minutes

Appletree Point Association Meeting    
Saturday, July 23, 2012 

Held at the home of Ty and Helene Danco.

In attendance:  Andy & Rich Kenney, Rolly Delfausse, Rolfe &Viraj Eastman, Brooke Gillman, Ian Bleakney & Shanta Eastman, Jeff Haig, Eric Miller, Ned & Jackie MacCarty, Anne Conlin, Helene & Ty Danco, and Christine Campbell.
Meeting called to order at 10:15 am. Ty Danco moved to accept the minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting. Seconded by Eric Miller. Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s report: Christine Campbell announced we have $12,932.58 in our account. Dues collected for 2011 were $375. 

Road report: Every year money for the road work is collected by those concerned, put into our account, then paid out to the contractor. The “road people” are currently waiting for estimates on gravel and will then proceed with the repairs. Christine asked if anyone knows of other surfacing agents that would work better than the limestone mix they have been using.

Beach committee: There are large pieces of debris on the beaches on the west side of the bay. Last year a 15 yard dumpster cost $200. for one week and included the two adjacent weekends. Money from the beach fund (from the sale of the tractor and roto-tiller) will pay for a dumpster this summer. Eric Miller and Rich Kenney will let members know when and where it will be located,(perhaps Eric’s driveway). Anyone living on the beach can take their beach debris to the dumpster.
If necessary, after the large debris is removed, we can contact Parks & Recreation to rake the beach to remove the little plants and trees taking root.

Dues: Jackie MacCarty moved to continue collecting $25 for dues this year. Anne Conlin seconded the motion. Discussion followed on the pros and cons. Brooke Gillman suggested we collect them this year but in future years when we don’t have any know expenses, we might consider skipping a year. A vote was taken and passed. We will collect dues this year. Please mail your $25 check to the Appletree Point Association, care of Christine Campbell at 406 Appletree Point Road, as soon as possible.

Election: Kit Ardell is resigning as Association secretary. Andy Kenney offered to take her place. A motion was made by Eric Miller to approve the slate and Ned MacCarty seconded it.
2012 Officers and Board Members are:  Jeff Haig, President,  Andy Kenney, Secretary,  Chris Campbell, Treasurer, and Board members, Rich Kenney, Doug Campbell, Jeff Haig, Chris Campbell, and Andy Kenney.

1.  Members would like information on the new development off of Appletree Point Road by the bike path. Jeff Haig will send us the information on the Association’s website-                                    
2.  Rolly Delfauuse passed out information on his family’s annual “Breakfast on the Beach” for the morning of Wednesday, July 4th from 8:30-11:00.  All Appletree Point Association members are invited to attend!

Meeting adjourned at 10:56 am

Possible upcoming events: Moonlight kayak and an “end of summer” social

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Minutes of 2011 Meeting

 Saturday, July 9, 2011
10:00 a.m.

In attendance:
Haig, Jeff:  President
Kenney, Rich:  Vice President
Ardell, Kit:  Secretary
Campbell, Christine:  Treasurer

Gregory Poulos, Ty and Helen Langevin, Mark Plante, Rolfe Eastman, Ann Conlin, Jackie and Ned McCarty, Mrs. Leopold, Nancy Furlong, Eric and Liz Miller, Chris and Brook Gilman, Doug Campbell, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Chase, Monica Lyman

Welcome by Jeff Haig, President of the Appletree Point Association
Introductions of meeting attendees

1:  Secretary Report from 2011
 Jackie McCarty motioned to approve the minutes, seconded by Doug Campbell.  Motion passed unanimously

2.  Treasurer’s Report:
            $12, 532.32 in the account earning about $1.50 in monthly interest.
Part of the $12,000.00 is $4000.00 from the sale of the tractor
Rich Kenney motioned to approve the Treasurer’s report and Nancy Furlong seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously

3.  Road Report: Repair of the Road was done for $624.50.  Christine Campbell will bill everyone on the road portion that was repaired $50.00.

4.      Flood Damage, and Beach Committee report  from the Beach Committee (Rich Kenney, Eric Miller, and Brad Rubman)
The city provided free dumpsters for driftwood.  All other debris from the lake needs to be expensed to individual homeowners who should be responsible for getting rid of their own debris.
Considerable discussion regarding stewardship of the lake and raking debris back into the lake from lawns.  Beach owners had considerable damage from the high water to their walls and breakfronts.  The erosion was significant and their will be considerable expense to repairing the damage caused by the flood.
It was agreed to empower the beach committee to use the beach portion of the treasury to consider paying for the dumpsters that are not free, but will be used to clean up debris that the city will not take.  Appropriate costs for the dumpster would be considered.
Eric Mill made a motion:  Beach committee is empowered to organize and pay for the removal of lake debris should it be necessary by utilizing beach funds from the treasury.

Seconded by Ty Danco.
Motion passed unanimously. 

Rule of reason should prevail.
Rich will find out information on Curbside removal.

5.      Ned McCarty suggested that we should be in habit of having dues on a regular basis as it helps to develop a sense of community.  Considerable discussion followed.  The by-laws say that we will vote on dues every year and what the amount should be.  The discussion was tabled due to concerns that became evident on possible future expenses.

6.      Rolfe Eastman outlined for the attendees possible challenges we may have regarding expenses to the Association.
a.       Keeping on track of the impact of the development of the Wick Property and the run off from that area.
b.      The Neighborhood planning  assembly (NPA) for Ward 4 + 7 is aware of the issues and this is a good way for ATPA to keep on top of the issues regarding this development.
c.       Finance Burlington Telecom deficit – how will that impact tax payers in the ATPA.   Will there be an increase of already high base taxes that we pay.

We may have legal battles for various situations.

            The Wick property will go through the Development Review Board.  We need a more organized approach to paying attention to the impact to the ATPA 
Previously we have worked with Sunset Cliff and paid into a fund to prevent unsatisfactory impacts to the APTA
Jeff suggested that we all subscribe to the Front Porch Forum to let people know what is going on.
We need to try and track the impact and when and how we should know to respond.  Some of this has significant technical sophistication. Steve Poulos, Gregory’s father is a Geo Hydrologist
 He will be happy to look at the plans for the wick development and review the effectiveness of the plan. 

To do list:
Eric Miller will get the Storm Water Plan
Liz Miller will talk to JJ and Renee regarding the impact to Appletree Point Lane
Mark Plante with get information from the Strathmore organization.

All information to go to Jeff when obtained for him to let us all know what their efforts are.

Back to Dues:  Ned McCarty made a motion that dues for this year be $25.00 per owner.  Eric Miller Seconded.  All in favor – unanimously.  Dues should be made out as follows:

Appletree Point Association  c/o Christine Campbell
406 Appletree Point Road
Burlington, VT  05405 

Non-agenda items:
Further discussions about the following: 
Doug Campbell:  Invite our local legislators and tax folks to one of our meetings for a forum.
Open house:  Chris and Brooke’s Sunday August 21, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Reimburse for the annual gathering
Seconded Nancy Furlong.

Mark Plante:  Neighbors across the street, concerned about the speed on the road, and beach fires in a south wind.  Public works says no open fires.  Mindful of when we light a fire.

Ty Danco – thank you for the boating on the lake and cutting motors for safety to swimmers.

Greg Poulos:  Moorings that stick up in the lake and do not have buoys.  They are Hazeletts – need orange balls .  Jeff may be a boat for the mooring.

Agreed on fees - $25.00

Adjourned 11:27 a.m. for snacks.

Respectfully submitted by,

Kit Ardell

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2010 Minutes

Appletree Point Association Meeting
Saturday, June 10, 2010
10:00 a.m. at 195 Appletree Point Road

Meeting called to order by Jeff Haig, Appletree Point Association President
Meeting minutes from 2009 received a motion to be approved, seconded, and approved by voice vote.

Treasurer’s report:   $12,865.75  (tractor  was sold for $3650.00)
Road owners:  Collected $1439.00
                Expenditures:  $909.00
                Remaining $ 126.00
                Discussions and suggestions followed regarding the money in the Appletree Point Association treasury.  There was discussion regarding paying back the people in a proration amount for money from the sale of the tractor.  It was decided to not to proceed with that idea and keep the money in the treasury, but noted as separate revenue.  The tractor money will be used for the future benefit of the Appletree Point beach owners.

The following determinations were approved via a motion and seconded, and a voice vote.

$300.00 will be collected for next year’s patching ($25.00 x 12 owners)
                The treasurer will keep track of the road dollars separately from the amount in the beach fund.
                We will maintain a clear and separate pool of the money from the sale of the tractor. 
                $9000.00 will be maintained in the general fund for future needs.
                There will be no dues this year for the beach people.

Anne Conlin has requested pictures and information to keep a recorded history of Appletree Point.

Concern was expressed by Andrea Kenney regarding the Strathmore, and Sunset Cliff development.  Discussion followed.  There is also concern about the development of the Wick property.

There was a motion to allow the executive Committee to reimburse the host/ hostesses of the annual meeting, or other association gatherings for beverages and expenses.  Seconded and approved.

Meeting adjourned for lunch at 11:30 a.m.

Executive board met following the meeting.  This included Jeff Haig, Rolfe Eastman, Doug and Christine Campbell, Richard Kenney, and Kit Ardell.  We “elected” Richard Kenney as Vice President of the Appletree Point Association as we realized we did not have a VP.

Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Meeting

Notice of Annual Meeting


The Association will hold its 56th Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 9th at 10:00 a.m. at 351 Appletree Point Road.

TIME: Come at 9:45 AM to meet neighbors and socialize. The business meeting will start promptly at 10:00. Pot luck afterwards – bring a salad or dessert to share with your neighbors!


1. Secretary’s report
2. Treasurer’s report
3. Road report
4. Flood damage, and Beach Committee report
5. Dues Recommendations
6. Elections

7. Other business


Jeff Haig

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The Association will hold its 55th Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 10th at 10:00 a.m. This year, Kit Ardell has been kind enough to host the meeting at 195 Appletree Point Road.

TIME: Come at 9:45 AM to meet neighbors and socialize. The business meeting will start promptly at 10:00. Pot luck afterwards – bring a salad or dessert to share with your neighbors!

1. Secretary’s report (2009 report is available on the website.)
2. Treasurer’s report
3. Road report
4. Beach committee report
5. Dues Recommendations
6. Elections
7. Other business


Jeff Haig

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The meeting was held on Saturday, June 20th at the home of Kit Ardell, 195 Appletree Point Road.

The meeting was called to order by Jeff Haig, President of the Association. Introductions of those in attendance followed Jeff’s welcome. The reading of the 2008 minutes were waived and accepted.

Chris Campbell, Treasurer, gave the treasurer’s report. The current balance is approximately $9500.

Jeff Haig gave the Road Report. The condition of the road is quite good this year. It may need a little patching at some point. A motion was made and passed that no funds for the road would be needed this year.

Rich Kenney gave the Beach Report. A motion was made to sell the tractor this year. Rich will take on this project. Eric Miller said Charlie Krumholz would be willing to work on the beach, if needed. A motion was made and passed that no funds would be needed for the beach this year. The current Tractor Committee will remain in place and will make future decisions on the need for work on the beach.

A motion was made and passed to charge no dues or fees this year.

Election of officers and the Board of Directors followed. The directors and officers for 2009-10 are as follows:
Jeff Haig, President
Chris Campbell, Treasurer
Kit Ardell, Secretary
Rolfe Eastman
Mike Furlong
Doug Campbell
Rich Kenney

1) TAX APPEAL - Mike Furlong reported on a possible appeal of the new tax assessments. Mike spoke with Bob Hemley, an attorney who lives on Sunset Cliff. Homeowners on Sunset Cliff and Crescent Beach Road are considering appealing their new tax assessments. The basis of the appeal would be the selectivity and arbitrariness of the partial re-assessment. If a homeowner wishes to join their group appeal, they should first follow all the appeal steps with the Board of Assessors as an individual homeowner. The group appeal is expected to cost $50,000 and take several years to work its way through the courts. The hope is that all who are interested will contribute to the appeal.
2) SPEED BUMP — Andrea Kenney passed around a petition to ask the city to remove the extra speed bump leading up to the bike path. Those who wished signed it.
3) NO WAKE ZONE — Ty Danco expressed his concern for the safety of swimmers. Due to the shallowness of the bay, swimmers have to swim fairly far out. Boaters should respect the rights of swimmers and carefully watch for swimmers. This is a safety issue for all of us. Ty plans to look into a buoy system to remind boaters to slow down.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20pm and a delicious potluck followed and was enjoyed by all. Thank you to Kit Ardell and Stephanie Morse!

[Editor's note: And thank you to Andrea Kenney for her service as Secretary! -Jeff]

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Notice of 2009 Annual Meeting

Notice of 2009 Annual Meeting

The Association will hold its 54th Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 20th at 10:00 a.m. This year, Kit Ardell has been kind enough to host the meeting at 195 Appletree Point Road.

TIME: Come at 9:45 AM to meet neighbors and socialize. The business meeting will start promptly at 10:00. Pot luck afterwards – bring a salad or dessert to share with your neighbors!

1. Secretary’s report (2008 report is available below.)
2. Treasurer’s report
3. Road report
4. Beach committee report
5. Dues Recommendations
6. Elections
7. Property Tax increases
8. Petition to remove speed bump
9. Other business


Jeff Haig